Fire Prevention Week: Practicing Your Escape Plan

Fire Prevention Week: Practicing Your Escape Plan

Fire Prevention week is October 8-14.  Learn how you can prepare for a fire.

The theme for this year’s Fire Prevention Week is “Every Second Counts: Plan 2 Ways Out!”  In honor of Fire Prevention Week this October, make sure your family has a fire evacuation plan.  Learn how to make your plan and how to practice it using these easy steps.

1) Start by drawing a map of your home.  Make sure you include all the doors and windows in your home.

2) On your map, mark at least two ways out of every room.

3) Make sure that none of the doors or windows in your home are blocked by furniture or other obstacles.

4) Decide on an outdoor meeting place for your family to reunite after everyone has exited the house.  Make sure everyone knows where the meeting spot is and how to get there.

5) Test your smoke alarms.  You can do this by pressing the “test” button to sound the smoke alarm.  Please note that you should test your smoke alarms at least once a month and should completely replace them every ten years.

6) Practice your drill with everyone in the home.  Try to practice twice a month, once during the day and once at night.  The more you practice your drill, the more relaxed everyone will be during a real fire.

7) Finally, as part of your drill, make sure everyone gets outside to the family meeting spot.  Remind your children that once they get outside, they should never try to re-enter the home while it’s burning.

Use these simple steps to make sure you and your family are prepared this Fire Prevention Week.  Remember, another important part of being prepared for fire is having the right insurance.  To find the right policy to for your needs, contact the experts at Miller Insurance in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.  Our team of experts is ready to assist you with all your insurance needs.