Drone Insurance Q & A

Drone Insurance Q & A

Drones are a very neat piece of technology, but do you know if you’re covered should an accident occur?

If you or any family member owns a drone, it would be very smart to check with your homeowners insurance agent to check if you’re covered for any mishaps that may occur with your remote controlled flying contraption. These commonly asked questions should let you know what steps to take when inquiring about drones and insurance.

Q: If the child operates the drone, am I covered?

A: It depends. If the drone was a toy that was intended to be used as a hobby, you need to look at your homeowners insurance policy for any liability claims that could be made against you. Many policies would cover your liability if they were to injure a third party.

Q: What happens if the drone damages a car?

A: While often subject to a deductible, your coverage will protect you should you (or your child) lose control of the drone and damage a vehicle.

Q: If I intend to use my drone for business purposes, am I covered for that?

A: Probably not. Liability coverage is generally excluded from your homeowners insurance when it comes to your business. Speak to your insurance agent to see what commercial insurance is available for your drone.

We apologize for droning on about insurance, but it’s always best to be informed. Now go out and play! For all of your homeowners insurance needs to ensure you have the right liability coverage, contact Miller Insurance Associates in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.