Does Homeowners Insurance Cover All Rain Damage?

As a homeowner in Pennsylvania, rain is something you’re used to. When the rainstorms come in, you may be wondering how – or even if – your home insurance will be able to step in to help if the worst happens. Here is what you should know about your home insurance coverage.


What happens when rain causes flooding?

While most leaks are typically covered under a standard home insurance policy, if the leak had created a flood in which there is standing water, the disaster would not likely be covered. Most standard policies do not cover flooding due to the severity of the damage and high costs involved. For insurance coverage for flooding, you must acquire a separate flood insurance policy.


Does homeowners insurance cover other damages from rainstorms?

Depending on the severity of the rainstorm, many other types of damages can occur to a home, including storm, wind, and hail damage. Typically, homeowners insurance covers the damage caused by these natural disasters. That means if rain comes in through a window and damages your belongings or floods your property, you can turn to your home insurance for assistance.


If storms come in and rain damage causes your roof to develop a hole and your belongings get water damage, your home insurance company will help to cover repairs. They will not help, however, if the roof had prior wear and tear or if you neglected to prevent damage.


Common disasters that are not covered by home insurance include wear and tear, such as clogged gutters and drains, rotten roof shingles, and rusty pipes.


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