Cyber Security Tips for You and Your Business

Cyber Security Tips for You and Your BusinessIf your business is connected to the internet in any way, you need to make sure that you take these cyber security tips into account. 

The internet is a wonderful place that is able to provide us with all the information we could ask for and can connect people from opposite ends of the world in an instant–something that would have been impossible, or very expensive only two decades ago. But there are some humans out there that want to see the world burn and ruin it for everyone by hacking into databases and stealing private information. If you want to protect your business from the dangers of cyber liability, take these tips into consideration.

Don’t Give Your Password Over the Phone

Never give your password over the phone. If someone calls you and asks for your password while claiming they are from your phone company or tech support, it is likely an attacker attempting to gain access to your account.

Mobile Apps

Only install apps from trusted places. Always double-check the privacy setting to ensure you are not giving away too much private information. Read the reviews to make sure the app you want to download is secure.

Forwarding Emails

When you forward an email to other people or add people to an email thread, make sure that the content is suitable for everyone. It is easy to forward emails with sensitive information that people should not have access to–and then you never know to whom they will forward it.

If you know how to navigate through the internet and know what to look out for, the internet can be a place of great collaboration. For all of your business insurance needs to ensure you have the right cyber liability coverage, contact Miller Insurance Associates in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.