Connecting With Your Family by Disconnecting From the Superficial

Technology gives us tremendous power to get things done. It serves many purposes, but not all! When you start relying on it for emotional needs, you are letting it overpower you. It’s time to disconnect to connect with your family.

The Problem of Immediate Satisfaction

You’d be wondering, what is the meaning of disconnect to connect? Relationships are built over time with a great deal of effort. But instead of genuine bonding, social media focuses on immediate satisfaction and superficial happiness.

The joy of quick responses on a picture or post can be misleading. You feel you’re getting all the attention, and there’s always someone to talk to. This creates a false belief that you don’t need to spend time with people to share feelings. It can be done at the click of a button.

However, the moment you need some company, this false belief breaks off. Relying on immediate satisfaction through social media can harm your communication skills. You feel awkward around people and during face-to-face conversations, and loneliness kicks in.

Disconnect to Reconnect With Your Family

Now that you’ve seen why you need to disconnect from social media, you may have this question – how do I reconnect with my family? Well, it’s simpler than you imagine.

Ways to Connect With Your Family

  • Respect family time: If you’re having dinner with them, keep your phone away!
  • Mind your surroundings: Don’t keep using your phone when you’re around people and try to start a conversation.
  • Limit your use: Disciplining yourself is an effective way of rewiring your brain and getting it used to the natural way of socializing.
  • Analyze your habits: Analyze your daily habits and identify all the unnecessary time spent on devices.
  • Choose offline games: Love games? Try planning group activities with board games or card games.

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