Common Holiday Home Insurance Claims

Don’t ruin your holidays with an insurance room decorated for the holidays

For most people, the holidays are all about having fun and celebrating with the family.  However, homeowners insurance agents know that the holidays are one of the most dangerous times of the year.  To ensure that your holiday isn’t ruined by damage, injuries, or other insurance issues, then watch out for these common types of claims.

  • Fires

During the holiday season, many homeowners light up candles or get a fire going in their fireplaces to create a cozy vibe.  Unfortunately, many homeowners forget to snuff out their candles or accidentally leave their fires burning after they go to bed.  This can often lead to nearby items igniting and a fire spreading throughout the home.

  • Burst Pipes

If you live in an area that experiences very cold winters, then your pipes are at risk for freezing over and bursting this holiday season.  Every year, insurance companies get an influx of claims to address the water damage caused by burst pipes.

  • Theft

There are more theft claims in December than any other month of the year.  This is because many burglars wait for the holiday season because they know there is a greater chance of expensive gifts being in the home.  Sadly, instead of waking up to a pile of presents under the tree, many homeowners wake up to a ransacked home instead.

Watch out for these common holiday home insurance claims.  Want to get covered for the holidays?  Then contact the experts at Miller Carlisle Insurance Services.  Our dedicated team is eager to assist you with all your home coverage needs today.