Carlisle, PA Wins Strongest Town 2016 Contest

Carlisle, PA Wins Strongest Town 2016 ContestBrenda Landis came up with the idea to enter Carlisle into the strongest competition, and it paid dividends!

Strong Town contest is a competition held by the organization Strong Town that is aimed to support the sustainable development of small towns—including fields such as finance, transportation, and community involvement. Small towns are becoming less and less relevant as time moves forward because the idea of living in the “Big City” (i.e. New York, LA, or Chicago) seems to attract young people. And that’s nothing new, it’s just that now with transportation being so easy, and the Internet in full bloom, finding a job anywhere possible.

The competition itself is held like a March Madness bracket, and is unexpectedly very fun to watch teams progress to the next round. The jubilation of winning, and the heartbreak of losing is what makes people want to go vote in Strong Town.

Carlisle made it through the round of 64, and 32 with ease. The Sweet 16, Elite 8, and Final 4 were all progressively more difficult to advance, but advance we did! Before we knew it, we were in the championship. The final was against Hoboken, NJ. It was time: all or nothing! Everything you got, you leave on the field!!

With 52 percent of the vote, the uncontested winner of Strong Town 2016 was your very own, Carlisle, Pennsylvania!

Carlisle Mayor, Tim Scott said that he felt “tremendous pride and accomplishment” upon learning that Carlisle had been named the winner of this contest. He continued, said: “Just like the NCAA Finals, it takes a team and this was proof positive that all the folks that worked hard to make this happen, plus all the voters, came together to produce a win.”

Miller Insurance is proud to be part of the best small town in 2015, and wants to see the voters do the same for the 2016 repeat! For all of your insurance needs in Carlisle and the rest of Pennsylvania, contact Miller Insurance Associates today!