Car Insurance Mistakes that Could Cost You

Car Insurance Mistakes that Could Cost You

Don’t make these costly mistakes with your car insurance.

Though dealing with your auto insurance can be tedious, it’s important that you don’t cut corners.  Rushing through the car insurance process can result in mistakes that could cost you some serious money.  Make sure you aren’t paying more for your car insurance than you have to by avoiding these costly car insurance mistakes.

Mistake 1: Buying Minimum Insurance

Every state has a mandatory car insurance minimum that every driver must have.  When buying car insurance, many car owners only buy this minimum amount of insurance as a money-saving strategy.  However, this is a short-sighted strategy.  If you are ever in an accident, then your minimum car insurance will do very little to help you.  This means that the cost of any repairs will come straight out of your pocket.  In the long run, it’s much safer and more cost-efficient to pay for the coverage you actually need.

Mistake 2: Setting a Low Deductible

Another common mistake that car owners make is setting a too-low deductible.  Many drivers choose a low deductible because they want to be able to afford coverage if they need it.  However, if you avoid filing a claim then you might be losing money by paying for your higher premium.  A good rule of thumb is to pay the highest deductible you can comfortably afford.  This will save you some money on your premiums.

Mistake 3: Failing to Review Before Renewing

The last common mistake people make with their car insurance is not reviewing their car insurance policy before renewing it.  Your car insurance company doesn’t always catch every change and your policy may not reflect changes in your circumstances.  If you do not review your policy before renewing it, you could be paying more than you have to for your insurance.  Save yourself some money by checking your policy to make sure you are getting all the discounts you qualify for.

Avoid making these costly car insurance mistakes and make sure you are getting the coverage you need for a price that fits your budget.  If you are looking to find the perfect policy for you, then trust the professionals at Miller Insurance in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.  Contact us to get covered today!