How Cold Weather Affects Car Thieves

How Cold Weather Affects Car ThievesWhy The Winter Increases Your Risk Of Theft

The weather outside is frightful, but your home is nice and warm. You may as well let your car run for a couple of minutes to warm up before hopping in, right?

Wrong. Leaving your car running tips thieves off, and makes their job much easier for them. An idling car will always attract the attention of a car thief, and because many people use their one set of keys to keep the car running thieves know that odds are in their favor that they will find your car unlocked.

Even if you are careful and lock your car with a second set of keys, a car thief has the skills to break in past your security system. After that, you have very conveniently left him or her with your keys in the ignition, primed for a getaway.

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