Business Insurance Protects Your Company and Its Assets

No matter what type or size of business you own and operate, you need insurance coverage. It protects your business and assets from theft, natural disasters, liability and accidents. Whether you work in construction, operate an auto garage, run a retail store or own a restaurant, we have policies that ensure you and your employees have adequate coverage.

General Liability Insurance: If a customer sues you, your business or an employee for negligence, general liability protects your assets.

Professional Liability Insurance: Sometimes, errors and omissions occur and harm a client or his or her business. Professional liability coverage reduces your liability if a client sues you for negligence.

Commercial Property Insurance: Your building, factory, equipment and other property may experience damage from a natural disaster, vandalism or other incident. Commercial property insurance provides the financial assistance you need to rebuild and repair.

Landlord Insurance: Having comprehensive landlord’s rental property insurance policy in place will help ensure your investment property is properly protected, so you can rent it out with confidence. This type of coverage provides protection for your property from damage, and protects you from personal legal liability.

Commercial Automobile Insurance: Protect your liability after an accident with commercial automobile insurance. It also covers repairs to your damaged fleet and replaces stolen automobiles.

Workers Compensation: Despite your best safety precautions, accidents on the job can occur. Workers compensation ensures injured employees receive medical treatment and financial compensation.

Employment Practices Liability: Employee allegations, including claims of sexual harassment, wrongful termination or discrimination based on age, race, sex or disability, threaten your business assets. Employment practices liability coverage reduces your losses.

Surety Bonds: Surety Bonds help create a layer of protection for the end customer by guaranteeing the quality of work done by the professional who is bonded. The specific type of surety bond can vary for an individual or business, and can be a bit complicated to understand at first. That is where working with the experts at Miller Insurance can help. Whether you’re an independent contractor in Pennsylvania, a Notary Public, are looking for information on Position bonds, or more, Miller Insurance is your first stop.

Cyber Liability Insurance: Protects your company in the event of stolen or lost company or client information that was obtained through your computer operating system.

Data Compromise: Protects company and client information that is intentionally stolen and could lead to loss or injury of a person.

Miller Insurance Associates offers numerous business insurance policies from a variety of carriers, but we empower you with the right insight, so you can feel confident to make the final decision on the type and amount of coverage needed to meet the goals for your unique business.

Contact us today at 1-800-714-9244 or We’ll meet with you to discuss your unique business insurance needs. Then, we’ll personalize your insurance coverage and explain your options so that you understand every detail. With our professional expertise, you insure your business and protect your company and assets.