When to Purchase a Life Insurance Policy

The best time to get life insurance is when you are healthy and have no underlying conditions that may increase your insurance premium. However, people realize this quite late. It is important to buy insurance while you are still young.

Here are some fundamental steps to follow when buying a life insurance policy:

Buying the Right Life Insurance Policy

If you are concerned about the premium rate, consider getting a term life insurance for short-term and cheaper coverage. The general recommendation when choosing a term is to get enough insurance to cover you until you retire. You can contact your local insurer for the best life insurance deals.

If your family is dependent on you financially, you may want to secure their future after your death. It is best to buy permanent life insurance, which will provide your loved ones with some savings to clear any debts or expenses.

If you do not have any dependents that rely on your income, you may not need life insurance. However, it is wise to get disability insurance so that you’re protected from any injuries that affect your ability to work.

Why You Should Buy Life Insurance at a Younger Age

Your Premium Costs Increase with Age

Insurance companies charge less from younger customers as compared to older ones. This is because younger people are likely to lead healthier lives and claim lesser than older people.

You Can Save a Lot of Tax

Buying life insurance in Carlisle, PA, can result in tax benefits. The government allows taxpayers to have some relaxation if they have purchased an insurance policy.

You Can Live a Stress-Free Life

Knowing that your family is protected in case of any financial emergencies after your death can give you great peace of mind.

Investing in a life insurance policy will be the best decision of your life. Do you need assistance with term insurance in Carlisle, PA?  Contact the experts at Miller Carlisle Insurance Services. We are ready to address all your questions and concerns!

Protect Your Identity from Hackers

Research suggests that more than 14 million Americans were the victims of identity theft in 2018, and the numbers only continue to rise. With data breach cases growing quite frequently, it’s important that you take all the necessary steps to protect your identity. Here’s how:

Shred Mail Documents and Personal Details

You risk personal information theft if you are not careful when discarding sensitive documents. By just digging through your trash, identity thieves can impersonate you to steal your benefits and commit crimes. Use a cross cutter shredder to destroy your documents before discarding them.

Leave Your Social Security Card at Home

To avoid Social Security identity theft, do not carry your card in your wallet or enter your number into your phone or laptop. Never give out your number in unsolicited calls or emails.

Monitor Your Credit

Keep tabs on your credit situation regularly and set up an alert feature. Order free credit reports and review them thoroughly. In case of any red flags, report identity theft immediately.

Reduce Social Media Footprint

Everyone loves social media, and so do fraudsters. Be wise about what you post, and make sure your accounts are private. Refrain from sharing your birth date as it makes it easy for scammers to guess your passwords.

Use Encryption

Encrypt all wireless networks and sensitive information with a unique username and password. For easy steps to use protection and encryption tools on your computer and digital data, check out some tools such as VeraCrypt and Bitlocker.

Activate a Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is a must for online banking, email accounts, and cloud storage. It protects you from any instances of fraud by reconfirming your identity.

Use Public Wi-Fi Cautiously

Public Wi-Fi does not guarantee identity theft protection, so be cautious while using them. Never use public Wi-Fi for banking or sharing sensitive information and install a VPN for an added layer of security.

Consulting the best identity theft protection services have become a necessity. If you’re looking to get covered, contact the experts at Miller Carlisle Insurance Services. Our dedicated team is happy to help you with all your coverage needs today.

What You Need to Know About Insurance Coverage

As a business owner, you always want to make sure that your company is safe from harm. However, many businesses do not invest in insurance coverage, and when they get sued, they face many problems.

Here is what you need to know about insurance coverage when buying a policy.

Navigating Insurance Coverage Limits 

Always set insurance coverage limits by first understanding what your company would end up paying for a single claim. Higher coverage comes at a higher cost. Decide the limit by balancing your budget with the maximum risk that can be mitigated in your single limit coverage budget.

Popular Types of Business Insurance Coverage

The most popular type of business coverage is general liability insurance, which covers aspects like the loss of electronic data, customer injuries, and defense costs, in the case of a lawsuit. It does not cover the injuries of your employees or property loss.

In professions like consulting or law, where consumers and clients rely on the professional advice offered by your business, another type of insurance to be aware of is errors and omissions insurance.

When the Claim Is Higher Than Your Coverage

At times, when setting insurance liability limits, the cost of a claim can be higher than your single limit coverage. In such cases, the difference will need to be borne by your company.

As more claims are made against your business, your premiums will get higher. It’s essential to budget for this progression as your business grows. Set aside a reserve fund alongside a policy in case the claim is bigger than the coverage.

Reach Out for Expert Advice

The nuances of business insurance policies depend on the type of business and risks involved. Make sure you get expert advice to understand insurance liability limits and choose a plan that adequately protects your business.

Want to learn more about insurance coverage and how to secure a risk-free future for your business? Contact the experts at Miller Carlisle Insurance Services. Our team is happy to answer all your business insurance questions!

Why Getting Life Insurance Is Beneficial!

In this uncertain and unpredictable world, all you can do is act in the present and prepare for the future. Getting life insurance is one such preparation that ensures financial assistance for your beneficiaries.

Opting for life insurance is essentially a selfless act of love that you do for your dear ones. The overwhelming feeling of loss that people close to you experience when you pass away cannot be put into words, but life insurance can help alleviate some of that grief.

Some benefits that life insurance provides to its beneficiaries are:

Pay Funeral Expenses

According to Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage, the average funeral costs between $7,000 and $12,000. This is a substantial amount for the average American family. A life insurance policy can help to cover these expenses.

Pay Educational Expenses

If you have kids or any person dependent on your earnings to pay their school, college, or other educational expenses, life insurance cover can help with those expenses upon your death.

Pay Off Mortgage

If you are paying your home’s mortgage with your earnings, it can be a tremendous burden for your partner once you are gone. Your life insurance cover can then take care of the mortgage. When you pay for life insurance, you are generally also paying for the event where your loans get cleared rather than falling on the cosigners.

Take Care of Your Medical Expenses

Not all life insurance policies are for the event of your death. Sometimes they can cover your medical expenses if you are diagnosed with a critical illness and are unable to work.

There are many different life insurance policies, each with various benefits, many of which overlap across plans. Read through all the documents carefully before making a decision. For assistance with all your insurance needs, contact the experts at Miller Carlisle Insurance Services.

Perfect Staycation Ideas for Your Family

Due to the lockdown imposed during the coronavirus pandemic, people have realized that they can still have a lot of fun and spend quality time with their family by staying at home. Staycation with kids at home is a great way to bond with them.

Here are some great staycation ideas for you:

Play and Invent New Games

Kids are always full of energy and excitement. As an adult, you can explore your creativity and come up with new games that you can teach and play with your children. If you don’t want to invent new games, board games are an excellent way to bond and have fun.

Create Whacky Art

Teach yourself or your children to paint, draw, color, sketch, or even build models. You might be surprised how imaginative your kids can be!

Cook Delicious Food

This is the time where you can cook delicious and nutritious food. Teach your children that nutritious food can also be delicious. Explore various recipes and see the faces of your children light up with every bite they take.


Now that you have a lot of free time, use some of that to relax. Try meditation or sunbathing to relieve your stress.

Get a Pet

This is the best time to get yourself and your family a pet. You will have enough time and energy to give your pet all the love and attention it needs.

Remember to share your precious staycation moments with your friends and relatives by clicking awesome pictures. Keep your family happy and protected with the right insurance. For assistance with all your insurance needs, contact the experts at Miller Carlisle Insurance Services.

5 Simple Steps to Keep Your Business Clean During COVID- 19

Cleanliness and sanitization have now become more critical than ever. Keeping your business clean in the COVID-19 pandemic is as challenging as it is necessary. If you are the owner or the manager of your company, you are responsible for making the decisions that ensure your business is COVID-ready.

Here are five simple steps that will help your business stay clean during COVID- 19:

Regular Screening of the Employees

Regular screening of the employees entering the company premises using affordable equipment like thermal scanners, ensure a certain degree of regulation.

Partner with a Cleaning Business

If your company is large, it is wise to partner with a cleaning company. A cleaning company has well-established protocols that aim to ensure sanitization at the highest level possible within your specified budget.

Choosing the Right Disinfectants and Equipment

If you are a small business and not working with a cleaning company, it becomes crucial for you to stay informed about what disinfectants to use, how to clean your workspace, and what equipment to use.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends frequent wiping of the surfaces and objects using suitable disinfectants to avoid contamination.

Promote Cleanliness Among Employees

Cleaning the workspace alone is not enough. The cleanliness should also be maintained, and that is a collective effort. You, as an employer, can promote cleanliness among your employees by:

  • Putting up posters about cleanliness.
  • Providing staff with tissues and sanitizers.
  • Provide easy access to places where the team can wash their hands.
  • Hold meetings to discuss the hygienic measures undertaken.
  • Make sick leaves mandatory.

Insure Your Business and Employees

Precaution is better than cure. There is a risk, however small or big, of infection and damage. The times are chaotic and stressful for all, so it is wise to insure your business and health against any possible damage.

It is important to be well equipped with all the resources and equipment to keep your business clean in COVID- 19. An insurance policy is another way to keep your business protected in times of great distress. If you are looking for guidance on business insurance policies, contact the experts at Miller Carlisle Insurance Services. Our dedicated team is eager to assist you with all your insurance needs today.

Is Choosing the Insurer’s Recommended Repair Shop a Good Idea?

If your vehicle has been involved in an accident and you have auto insurance, you can claim the expenses. However, in the process, your insurance provider may recommend using their repair shop. Should you choose to use the insurer’s recommended repair shop, or are you free to select any other repair shop? Keep reading to find out.

Are You Obliged to Stick with the Recommendation?

The general answer is – No. You don’t necessarily have to go with the insurer’s repair shop. In fact, in most of the US states, insurance companies are required to provide the customers with a choice by law. Explore your options for the perfect repair shop that caters to your vehicle’s needs and the requirements.

With that being said, choosing the insurer’s recommended repair shop often has more advantages that you might easily overlook.

Here are 4 reasons for choosing the insurer’s recommended repair shop:

Lighten Your Worry

A good insurance company’s priority is to make things easy for you. Finding a good repair shop after an accident can be difficult. So, insurance companies try to make it easy by recommending a repair shop. Such a beneficial service also serves to improve the image and reputation of the insurance company.

Have a Business Relationship

The insurer’s repair shop and the insurance company could have a good business relationship that makes services fast, smooth, and sometimes even discounted for the policyholders.

Meet the Requirements

The standards and requirements have likely been met by the recommended repair shop for insurers. This will ensure that all equipment, parts, and any other resources are readily available to fix your vehicle.

Discourage Scamming

The repair shop you choose can provide false claims about their vehicle parts and install old or damaged parts. Such an act could result in the denial of your application by the insurance company. To discourage such scams, a verified repair shop for insurers is the right choice.

You are free to choose your repair shop if you are particular about the quality and reputation. However, the pros of going with the insurer’s recommendation generally outweigh the cons. For assistance with all your auto insurance needs, contact the experts at Miller Carlisle Insurance Services.

Great Tips for Managing Online Customer Reviews

Word of mouth was a valuable asset for any business. However, much of this has moved to the digital domain in the form of online customer reviews. A consumer survey shows that online reviews influence 91% of customers between 18 to 34 years. Further, consumers require a business to have at least 40 online reviews before they believe its average star rating.

Clearly, businesses cannot ignore online reviews. Let’s check out some handy dos and don’ts for managing online customer reviews.

Do Track Your Reviews

You should track online customer reviews whenever and wherever they appear. Sign up on sites that will send you notifications, or do a quick search on your social media.

You can also employ agencies that assess reviews. These steps will help you know whether you have a positive or negative image in the marketplace.

Do Thank Positive Reviewers

If a customer takes the effort to appreciate your work online, you should express thanks with a short note of acknowledgment. Avoid answering such reviews with links to ads, or requests to join mailing lists. The reply should be heartfelt and simple.

You can also provide helpful news related to the comment, if any. This lets your customers know that your company is responsive.

Don’t Ignore Negative Reviews

Some reviews are best ignored, especially if they display clear bias. If you suspect fake online customer reviews, it’s best to report them. Understand the customer’s point of view and try to assess what could have caused a negative response.

Your reply should always be polite. Assure them that their concerns are being looked into. If possible, you can give them the steps towards a resolution. This will show customers that your business can be trusted and relied upon.

Managing online customer reviews is important for the success of your business. Want to learn more about business risks and how you can ensure a risk-free future for your business? Contact the experts at Miller Carlisle Insurance Services. Our dedicated team is eager to assist you with all your business insurance needs today.

My Car Is a Total Loss: What Do I Do?

If you get into a severe accident, your car may be damaged beyond repairs. When you raise a car insurance claim, the agent may inform you that your vehicle is a total loss. In this blog, we cover what you need to know about a total loss car insurance claim.

How Do Insurance Companies Identify a Total Loss?

When it comes to a car insurance claim for total loss, the first step is to identify if the vehicle can be repaired or should be declared a total loss.

This is based on three factors:

  • A comparison of the actual cash value (ACV) of the car against the cost of repairs
  • Whether the car can be repaired to meet the safety standards
  • Local and state regulations on deciding whether the damage equates to a total loss

What Happens Next?

You may be worried after knowing that your car is a total loss! However, here’s what you can do:

Pay Your Deductible

If someone else caused the accident, their insurance carrier would handle the total loss car insurance claim. However, if you are at fault, then you will have to pay the deductible.

Transfer Ownership

To facilitate the settlement of your car insurance claim for a total loss by your insurance carrier, you will have to transfer the ownership of your vehicle to them. However, do retain the insurance coverage on your car.

Get Paid

To settle your total loss car insurance claim, the insurer will pay you the ACV, minus any fees and deductibles. In case you own the car, the check will be in your name. Otherwise, it’ll be made out to the car purchase financing agency.

Buy a New Car

Now that you have no car, it is time to get behind a new set of wheels! You might ask: How do I get another car after a total loss? Simply cash in your insurer’s check to get a new vehicle and recover from the damages of your totaled car.

Once you get a new vehicle, don’t forget to secure complete auto insurance coverage. Do you have additional questions about your car coverage? Contact the experts at Miller Carlisle Insurance Services. Our dedicated team is eager to assist you with all your auto insurance needs today.

Home Security Technology: Stay Ahead of Threats

Do you end up tossing and turning at nights fearing a break-in? These fears get worse if you reside in an unsafe neighborhood. Securing your home from burglars is not an expensive thing now. In recent years, home security technology has become more affordable.

If you want home security to protect your home and your loved ones, here are some options:

Full-Service Systems

Several companies offer full-service home security systems with central monitoring. These services cover everything from video surveillance to smoke or carbon monoxide detection to remote access and even medical emergency.

These systems send out texts and notifications to alert you of any regular or suspicious activities. Given the popularity of IoT devices, these companies have also started securing your home with home automation.

Do-It-Yourself Approach

If you’re the DIY type, you can purchase a starter kit for basic home security. With a DIY approach, you can choose the features that you want and remove the unnecessary ones. As a result, you get a customized home security solution.

To have a complete home security system, you will need:

  • Smart cameras and motion sensors: Compact wireless cameras that are equipped with sensors can be paired with doorbells, lights, or recording devices to act whenever it detects motion.
  • Keyless entry systems: Rather than ditching your keys entirely, you can use a hybrid entry system that uses keys and codes to grant access to your home.
  • Home automation: Combining home security elements with automation devices can be powerful in keeping burglars away. The popularity of devices like Amazon Echo, Google Home, etc. has made it easier to have home automation.

Home security technology is not only a luxury but a necessity. Looking for another way to protect your home? Contact the experts at Miller Carlisle Insurance Services. Our dedicated team is eager to assist you with all your home coverage needs today.