Avoid These Driving Habits This Winter

Stay safe this winter by avoiding these dangerous driving habits.Avoid These Driving Habits This Winter

While driving always carries some risk, driving during the winter months is especially dangerous.  While you can normally get away with certain driving habits, these same habits become much more risky under winter weather conditions.  If you want to stay safe on the road, make sure you avoid these driving behaviors this winter.


While you should always try to honor the posted speed limit, it is particularly important to avoid speeding in the winter.  During the winter months, wet and icy road conditions can increase your chances of skidding.  When you speed, your tires get less traction on the road, increasing your chances of skidding even further.  To avoid sliding off the road, getting into an accident, or losing control of your vehicle, make sure you reduce your speed this winter.


Like speeding, tailgating is another driving habit that you should probably break, regardless of the weather conditions.  However, in the winter, tailgating carries additional risks.  When you follow a car too closely, you might not have enough time to react to sudden traffic hazards.  For instance, if the car in front of you suddenly spins out after hitting a patch of black ice, chances are you won’t have time to react before hitting the same patch of ice.  Increasing your following distance is one of the best ways to protect against such dangers.

Slamming on Your Brakes

As previously mentioned, during the winter, the roadways can become wet and icy.  This in turn reduces the amount of traction your tires have on the road.  When you suddenly hit your brakes, your tires lock up and often have nothing to grip.  This increases your chances of skidding and loosing control of your vehicle.  When you want to use your brakes, apply them slowly to gradually bring your car to a gentle stop.

These are some of the driving habits you should avoid to drive more safely this winter.  Want another way to stay safe while on the road this winter?  Make sure you have the right auto insurance protections in place.  To find the right policies to fit your needs, contact the professionals at Miller Insurance in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.  Our dedicated team is ready to get you covered today.