Having The Uncomfortable Conversation To Stop Driving

Helpful Guiding Points For Conquering This Daunting Conversation

Unfortunately, there comes a time when we must discuss unsafe driving with someone we love. Whether this is due to aging or recklessness, the conversation is uncomfortable nonetheless. We have gathered some helpful guiding points for the proper way to approach this daunting conversation:

  • First and foremost, you must understand the significance of driving to this individual. This was likely the first major responsibility they were given, meaning it will be very difficult to simply let go of the freedom they have had all this time.
  • Before you make any drastic decisions or ruin your relationship, ask your loved one to have their physician examine their ability to continue driving. You can do this during their next checkup so it is less daunting for them.
  • Be prepared to have multiple conversations, because as mentioned, it is extremely hard to give up your freedom on the open roads.
  • One of the most effective ways to convince your loved one to let you take the wheel is to ask for advice from someone who has recently stopped driving. It may even be advantageous to connect the two to have a conversation about this experience.
  • Most importantly, be patient.

Contact Miller Insurance Associates in Carlisle for all of your Pennsylvania auto insurance needs. It is important to note that in Pennsylvania, healthcare professionals are required to report someone with medical conditions that impact their ability to drive safely.