Did You Know Homeowners Insurance Covers Additional Living Expenses?

Did You Know Homeowners Insurance Covers Additional Living Expenses?Your homeowners insurance policy offers an additional protection: additional living expenses.

As a responsible homeowner and family member, you’ve purchased a homeowners insurance to protect the equity you’ve built in your home and to safeguard your family against financial burden. That policy would step in after a disaster, helping you rebuild and replace your personal property, ultimately preserving your quality of life.

If you’ve thought through that full scenario, though, you’ve probably realized there’s another expense your family could face. While your home is being rebuilt, you may need stay in a hotel. As that bill adds up, could you handle it?

You won’t have to! Your homeowners insurance policy contains additional living expenses coverage, which will not only cover the housing costs you incur while unable to live in your home, it can even pick up the tab for the extra money you spend on food without your kitchen!

To learn more about how your additional living expenses coverage can protect your family, contact Miller Insurance Associates. Our Carlisle, Pennsylvania team is here to make sure you know how to make the most of all the benefits your homeowners insurance policy offers!