4 Ways Home Maintenance Can Save You Money

Remember what your home looked like when you first bought it? It’s too bad homes don’t maintain themselves. Living in a home causes wear and tear that could end up costing you more money. Save your money and keep your house looking new with these 4 home maintenance tips.

  1. Clean out vents and filters for all of your home appliances to keep them running in tip top shape. Taking a few minutes to change filters can help you avoid and expensive breakdown.
  2. Water appliances like your water heater or septic tank can spring a leak or back up over time. Avoid this by draining your water and pumping your septic tank at least once a year.
  3. Smoke alarms and security systems keep your home safe. Make sure to change batteries and check to see everything is in working order.
  4. Keep your gutters clear to avoid flooding, rot, and mold. Cleaning and draining out your pipes monthly can keep water flowing regularly through your gutters.

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