4 Disaster Supplies To Have When an Emergency Hits

No one thinks a natural disaster will happen to them but when it does and you aren’t prepared the consequences can be devastating . Take the time to stock up emergency supplies now so in the event of an emergency you and your family will be ready. Create a checklist and make sure these four emergency disaster supplies are on your list.

  1. Fuel is a necessity when an emergency hits. You can use fuel for cooking, heating, driving, or in case you need a fire. Store fuel at room temperature or consider diesel fuel for increased storage safety.
  2. Store foods that don’t need refrigeration so your family has food when a crisis hits. Don’t forget to have a manual can opener handy for the canned food items.
  3. Earthquakes and thunderstorms can cause power outages. Be prepared with light sources like flashlights and lanterns and make sure to stock up on batteries for these appliances.
  4. Water- Store gallons or water bottles for sanitation, cooking, and just plain drinking.

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